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Abr 29, 2014

"The Cuckoo’s calling" Book review.


The story is about a private detective, Cormoran Strike,  who is in a really bad stage of his life, he just broke up with his fiancée, he lost part of his leg, his business is really bad right now and he’s completely broke.

One good day, the brother of a death supermodel, who is been said committed suicide, comes to his office and offers him the case, and to pay him double if he takes it.  Cormoran, tempted by the money, decides to take over the case, and starts getting into it, but as he breaks in, the suicide becomes more and more doubtful. 

To me, the story is really good, you get into it, and it’s one of those books you can’t wait to know whats gonna happen next, and keeps you thrilled and excited. Even at the last chapters, the feelings keep you at the edge of your sit. But I must admit as well, (and even though I love Row

ling’s style, and writing) that the end is too predictable, and in a very strange way unbelievable; I mean, I felt it kind of forced to be it.

Recommend this for a good spare time, because Rowling really know’s how to narrate her stories, but don’t get too excited about the denouement. 

Abr 29, 2014

Why we broke up review.

 Though this book has been out there for a while, I feel obligated to share my opinion now that I’ve just finished it for the first time.

The book is about Min(erva, do not call her “Minnie”) Green and Ed Slaterton’s break up, she writes him a really long letter with stuff she’s collected through the time they were together and she tell’s him through this letter where is this or that object from. Both are from completely two worlds apart, she’s kind of a bohemian girl, and he’s a high school-sports dude, captain of his team, popular everywhere, and they end up together since they met at Min’s best friend (Al) party, his Bitter Sixteen, to be more accurate.

From there it’s all about making it work, about adapting, about wanting to involve in each others world and manners. And so they start to live in the world of the other one, even if everybody is against their relationship. 

Min goes often to Ed’s place, and starts hanging out with his sister Joan, (Whom BTW I personally thoughtwas being sort of a b%$·”, but everything clears up at the end)

Throughout her story Min quotes many references from old movies that she relates in a certain way to her situations in life. (She loves movies and wants to be a movie director someday).

In my personal opinion, I fell in love with their relationship as the story was moving, and you become an ally for them, because you really want them to be together, because they’re so cute and perfect together, and suddenly, with some warnings (that you just decide to ignore, because how can it be possible) the plot changes, and the truth comes out.

It’s a book that really makes you part from the story, and even though you only see the story through Min’s eyes, you can decode the personalities from the other characters, and set them into the scene as well. You get mad at them, you laugh, you freak out, and you cry with them too. 

Recommend this book 100%


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Mar 19, 2014

#olakease trasnochando #okease

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Mar 15, 2014

#snoopy #artista #rastafari

Me quedó bien iche sabroso :F #brownie #mug  #chocolate #cocina #cooking #desert #postre
Mar 11, 2014

Me quedó bien iche sabroso :F #brownie #mug #chocolate #cocina #cooking #desert #postre

Nuevo autoretrato. #autoretrato #selfie #selfportrait #illustration #ilustracion #dibujo  #draw  #drawing
Mar 6, 2014 / 1 nota

Nuevo autoretrato. #autoretrato #selfie #selfportrait #illustration #ilustracion #dibujo #draw #drawing

Así parto mi pastel de #cumpleaños :p #bd #brithday
Mar 5, 2014

Así parto mi pastel de #cumpleaños :p #bd #brithday

Miiiii pasteeel. Raaawwwrr :p
Mar 5, 2014

Miiiii pasteeel. Raaawwwrr :p

Autoretrato de una priz q no hizo la tarea #selfue #selfportrait #autoretrato #draw  #ilustracion  #dibujo
Feb 24, 2014

Autoretrato de una priz q no hizo la tarea #selfue #selfportrait #autoretrato #draw #ilustracion #dibujo